Leamington Spa Train Station Mural

Painting my Leamington Spa Map mural at the Train Station was a total dream come true! Some of you may know that I've been gradually creating more murals but this was my largest to date and in my home town so it was a really special one to paint. I setup my scaffolding in the train station and lived there for a week...one of the station guards told me the platform was haunted which made packing my scaffolding away into the cupboard under the platform a scary ordeal but I didn't see any spooky goings on thankfully.

It was lovely to chat to people and hear all the lovely comments as they rushed off on their commutes. Everyone was super complimentary and encouraging, people often stopped to share stories and had a real sense of pride in the town, pointing out streets of significance to them like where they lived or their favourite lunch spots.

I'm not going to lie, a full week of painting is super tiring, especially adding all the little details at the end but the neck ache is worth it to see the finished result. I've even made the design into a print so you can have a little piece in your home, available from my online store HERE

The project came together thanks to support from The Heart of England Community Rail Partnership who work to support the community and connect people with their local area and the railways. Go check them out HERE

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